-   ABOUT US  -


Founded by Greta Myatieva, amidst the global pandemic, Drunk on Jam is aimed to bring sweet boozy treats to anyone suffering from the dull daily grind. 

After many quarantined days of creating and testing recipes, five original flavors were crafted to please any palate. 

Inspired by famous cocktails, the flavors span from the fresh Strawberry Berryoska, perfect for any breakfast - to rich and sophisticated Call Me Old Fashioned which could be the star of any late night snack.


Our mission is to work tirelessly to bring a smile to your face. We hope to inspire and encourage you to try new flavors in your culinary adventures while enjoying the boozy selection of jams, perfect for every occasion.

Greta was born in Turkmenistan to a musical household and is a full time classical violinist.